About us

Odisei Music is a young company that designs and manufactures electronic wind instruments. Our goal is to spread music around the world by helping musicians develop their music skills in a faster and easier way.  We are a multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds but we all have something in common: Our love and passion for music“.

The fact that each member of the team plays an instrument enables us to better understand musicians needs in order to design solutions that add value to them.

Our true story

Odisei Music is a Spanish company based in Barcelona founded by Ramon Mañas (CEO). Our story began 5 years ago, when Ramon was studying music in Berlin. At that time he was sharing a small flat with 2 other musicians and began learning how to play the saxophone.

"It was a disaster trying to practice my horn in a small flat. I bothered my colleagues and neighbours so much that I had to start practicing outside, in the parks. But when the winter came, it was to cold to practice so I understood that I had to create something that could help me practice anytime and anywhere".

Ramon Mañas

From there onwards, we have been obsessed creating the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world, to help saxophonist to practice and play silently when and wherever they want without disturbing others.

This event generated what is today the main mission of Odisei Music…

The mission


Milestones & Awards

Throughout more than 3 years of hard work of the entire Odiseimusic team, these are some of the most representative achievements:
BIME PRO winners
Winners of BIME PRO for startups
Namm Members
Since 2018 we are proud members of NAMM
Accelerate program by Santander X
Accelerate programm in Lanzadera and winners of Les Arts pro startups 2021

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