Odisei music is a young company that designs and manufactures electronic wind instruments.

Our goal is to spread music around the world by helping musicians develop their music skills in a faster and easier way. 

We are a multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds but we all have something in common: “Our love and passion for music”.

The fact that each member of the team plays an instrument enables us to better understand musicians needs in order to design solutions that add value to them. 

Road Map

Odisei Music is a young company that started by the beginning of 2018 and these is part of our history…

1st Prize at Explorer entrepeneur program

December 2018

Travel Sax started as a project back in 2018. We presented the project in the Explorer program, a 12 week program powered by Banco Santander. It helped us boost the project to a next level and
we finally won the 1st Prize which was a trip to Silicon Valley.

Kickstarter Campaign

April 2019

Between March and April 2019, we created a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which became a success. In just 2 hours we reached our goal of € 99,953 selling a total amount of 224 Travel Sax.

First Kickstarter units delivered

December 2019

The first Kickstarter backers received their Travel Sax just before Christmas holidays in 2019. By January 202 we shipped all the Spanish units, in February all the European units and in March 2020 the rest of the units.

Officially selling worldwide

March 2020

The Travel Sax is now available in more than 25 countries worldwide. We are currently selling in all European countries, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.
Our goal in 2021 is to expand to other countries!

Accepted in Lanzadera

January 2021

We’ve been accepted in Lanzadera, a start-up accelerator that will help us boost the company to the next level. Part of the team will be located in Valencia (Spain) during 2021. Lanzadera is becoming a strategic partner to help us achieve all our main goals for the following years… are you ready?