Adaptive Travel Sax

Everybody has the right to enjoy the power of playing and learning music with the Travel Sax.

Adaptive Travel Sax


The Adaptive Travel Sax 2 is part of our social project with My Breath My Music Foundation. The aim of this project is to adapt the Travel Sax so anyone who has some kind of disability can enjoy the power of playing and learning music using this great instrument.


What is included with the Adaptative Travel Sax 2? 
  • Alto mouthpiece
  • Travel Sax protective case
  • Accessory bag
  • Microfiber cloth
  • x3 Mouthpiece adaptors (Soprano, Tenor, Baritone)
  • USB-C charging cable


What is NOT included with the Adaptative Travel Sax 2?



This instrument is highly customisable for any kind of disability or physical limitation. There is also a special version for people with extremely low muscle power, which has extra light buttons. Using an external (foot)switch, it is also possible to play the full note range of the Sax one-handed, by ‘re-mapping’ its keys, to provide customisable finger placements for one-handed players, both left- and right-handed. In the App, there are many more settings you can change, such as breath sensitivity so people with limited breath strength can still play the Sax. The Sax can be mounted on a tripod so it’s not necessary to be able to hold it.


This product is the result of our social project supported by our vision at Odisei Music; spread the music and empower musicians to learn and create music inclusively. Thanks to the colaboration with My Breath My Music we have been able to develop the first adaptative Travel Sax for disabled people. On the other side, we want to go one step further and we contribute with a donation of 100€ to My Breath My Music Fundation, every time an adaptative Travel Sax is sold. With these donations we want to help increase the support on the research of new ways of helping disabled people create and learn music.



Accessory pack

Every accessory can be purchased separately or in a bundle. The accessory pack includes: the curved neck, extensor neck and Mouthpiece. You can also add an extra key set if you want to customize your Travel Sax even more.


Get the pack


What is the delivery time?

Depending on the stock we may have at the moment, the delivery time can be about 4-5 business days after the purchase of your Travel Sax. You can contact us for more information.



Please read carefully the Important Details instructions section.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 13 cm

Black, Blue royale, Forest green, Red brick, Turquoise, White silicon, Yellow camel


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Developed by  My Breath My Music

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Download now a .pdf with all the tips to learn the Adaptive Travel Sax 2.


Travel Sax  is based on flute methods ”Oost West Fluit Best”, ”Noord Zuid Meer Fluit”, and ”Swinging Start” parts 1 and 2, written by Marloes Berden. It will teach you, in combination with the help of a teacher, a good foundation of technique to play music on the TravelSax.

The flute methods have been modified for the TravelSax with permission from the publisher by Odette Kolen-van der Korput, with the assistance of Ruud van der Wel, Katharina Kauruff and Karin van Dijk. Special thanks to Rotaryclub Amersfoort for making this project possible!

We wish you lots of joy and success with playing the TravelSax!

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