Do you want to be an Odisei Music endorser?

Are you a professional sax player, a saxophone teacher or a music influencer and want to collaborate with us?

How the endorsement plan works?

Become an Odisei Music endorser means that you will represent our brand with your community and in your social media accounts by showing the product and creating content for your viewers.

What are the benefits?

  • Get a Travel Sax with a great discount
  • You will get a bonus for every Travel Sax sold using your endorser code in our website.

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Become a VIP client!

Are you not an influencer but still want to get advantages and benefits with Odisei Music? Help us!

You will become a collaborator of Odisei Music, which means that you will help us to internationalize Travel Sax by leaving it to our future clients!

What will be my role with Odisei Music?

  1. We will contact you if a client who lives near you wants to test Travel Sax.
  2. The future client will get in touch with you so that you can show him how the Travel Sax works.
  3. You will give your personal promotional coupon. If the user tester uses it for the purchase, you will get Travel Sax credits!

Get credits for every Travel Sax that a future customer buys using your personal promotional code.

You will get exclusive discounts on future Odisei Music products and accessories!

You will enter our VIP clients list. You will have many advantages that we will share with you later!

Fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!