Music as an inclusive tool

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Music as an inclusive tool

We are very happy to announce this big collaboration with My Breath My Music Foundation and Audio Modeling. We think that this is a big step forward for the company and for supporting inclusive music. 

It´s important to know that we are in front of a multidisciplinary project with a worldwide reach. We have a European representation with these 3 main actors. On one side, Audio Modeling is a company based in Italy and on the other, My Breath My Music Foundation is based in the Netherlands. As many of you know, we (Odisei Music) are located in Spain, Barcelona.

For this project, every entity will work to support the activity with its main differential value.

My Breath My Music

“Our Foundation aims to give people with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to play music, using either self-adapted electronic instruments or by playing our latest invention: the amazing Magic Flute. The Magic Flute can simulate any instrument in the orchestra.

Music is important to many people. Playing a musical instrument is a lot of fun and playing together with others opens doors. But what if you, because of a disability, can’t play an instrument? Are you condemned to only listen to someone else playing an instrument? No.

Fortunately, there is our non profit organisation “My Breath My Music”. The Foundation has committed itself to make playing a musical instrument possible for people with severe physical disabilities. Besides the joy of playing an instrument, it can also be an excellent way to do breathing exercises. It is a very good way to do respiratory therapy, especially for people with muscular dystrophy.

Most of our participants in Holland have muscular dystrophy. It is a very debilitating disease, affecting not just the muscles, but the lungs too. This requires regular therapy in the form of breathing exercises. Ordinarily, these exercises can be very tedious and boring. However, by using the Magic Flute, for instance, the children forget they are doing exercises because they are having so much fun playing music. We are also helping spinal injury patients who have similar muscle and lung issues. The Magic Flute really is a wonderful medical tool as well as a fabulous musical instrument!”

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Audio Modeling

Audio Modeling™ is a global leader in multi-vector, expressive, digital emulations of acoustic instruments., Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini founded Audio Modeling in 2017, following more than seven years of intensive exploration and discovery.


Audio Modeling’s aim is to deliver software instruments that enable musicians, composers, and producers to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional samplers, while providing them with the intuitive, dynamic, multi-dimensional, real-time control found in acoustic instruments such as woodwinds, brass, and strings. In this way, we actively support musicians’ quests for artistic expression.


Our primary tool in achieving this goal is SWAM Engine (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling), a proprietary technology, conceived by Lucato and further developed by Parravicini, that combines concepts of Physical Modeling and Behavioral Modeling with Multi-Vector/Phase-Synchronous Sample Morphing.


Camelot Pro is an innovative, multi-platform, live performance tool conceived by Simone Capitani to remove technology as a hindrance and transform it into a powerful ally. Camelot accommodates both hardware and software plugin instruments, attaches music scores, and manages all performance resources in a single environment. Using Camelot, an entire performance system can be reconfigured instantly by remote control without any interruption of sound.

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Odisei Music

Odisei Music is a young company that designs and manufactures electronic wind instruments. Our goal is to spread music around the world by helping musicians develop their music skills in a faster and easier way.  We are a multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds but we all have something in common: “Our love and passion for music”.

“It was a disaster trying to practice my horn in a small flat. I bothered my colleagues and neighbours so much that I had to start practicing outside, in the parks. But when the winter came, it was to cold to practice so I understood that I had to create something that could help me practice anytime and anywhere.” (Ramon Manas, CEO)

From there onwards, we have been obsessed creating the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world, to help saxophonist to practice and play silently when and wherever they want without disturbing others.

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