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What is this USB Adapter for?
The USC-C OTG Audio Adapter, support listen the music and charge at the same time and it´s easy to transfer music, movies, photos, pdf docs from your USB flash to your USB-C devices. It also support connect USB peripherals like hubs, ethernet adapters, audio/MIDI interface and card readers for compact flash, SD, Micro SD and more. USB OTG adapter for devices more convenient to transmit audio and videos from camera to phone and pad. For any Android Devices, the USB OTG adapter for devices can transfer audio or videos from USB flash drive and high-resolution digital camera to your android device. With our USB adapter, you can play the Travel Sax 2 and import/export photos, videos and files.
  • Support listening 3.5mm headphone and charge at the same time.
  • Support PDquick charge up to 5v/3A you can charge your phone faster and save more time.
  • Build-in smart DAC chip makes it supports Hi-Res (up to 24bit/96khz) ensures high quality sound without any audio compriseeven on the calling.
  • Build-in smart HUB chip makesit supports USB ports, 3.5 ports, type C ports use at the same time.
  • Compatibility most of the cellphone, pads, notebook player with USB-C ports
Accessory pack
Every accessory can be purchased separately or in a bundle. The accessory pack includes: the curved neck, extensor neck and Mouthpiece. You can also add an extra key set if you want to customize your Travel Sax even more.

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Depending on the stock we may have at the moment, the delivery time can be about 4-5 business days after the purchase of your Travel Sax. You can contact us for more information. Please read carefully the Important Details instructions section.

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Travel Sax 2 Manufacturing Method: 

Due to the high demand of the Travel Sax 2 we have decided to switch the manufacturing process from 3D Printing (Travel Sax 1) to Injection Molding.

This change has been motivated to ensure a smoother and higher quality surface finish, a higher geometry precision and a more robust and durable product.

On the other side this new manufacturing process allows us to shorten the manufacturing time and scale the production to ensure we can meet the rising demand.

USB-C adapter (Android)


The USB-C adapter connects your Travel Sax 2 to any Android Device. It also allows you to charge the battery and it´s useful to connect your headphones via cable.

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