#02 Ruud Van Der Wel – The social musician

“Blowing in the wind”, the Odisei Music Podcast about music and inspiration. Inspiring guests will be interviewed by the creator of the Travel Sax.

He helps with music as a vehicle for disabled people.

Blowing in the wind´s second episode!

We are very proud to be presenting to you Mr. Ruud Van Der Wel. He is a very inspiring musician who takes music to the next level by helping and teaching it other musicians in a very special way.

As many of you know, at Odisei Music we have a social project with My Breath My Music, where we have adapted our Travel Sax (Adaptative Travel Sax) so that people with disabilities can learn how to play the instrument as smooth and easy as possible.

We love having Ruud as the host of our second podcast episode because he is the forerunner of making music as inclusive as possible. For him, there are no limits or walls that stand between music and people and if he finds any together we’ll solve them. Welcome to the free world that Ruud Van Der Wel has managed to create.


Ruud Van Der Wel

About Ruud Van Der Wel

Ruud is a respiratory therapist. He works with severely disabled children, most of whom suffer from a progressive muscular disease.

Ruud also is the founder of My breath My Music Foundation whose goal is to give people with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to play music, using either self-adapted electronic instruments or electronic instruments the organisation have developed themselves.

We have also recorded the podcast on video so you can watch it entirely on our Youtube channel. We hope you enjoy it!

From the bottom of our hards we want to thanks Ruud for being so supportive with the project and sharing his knowledge and experience with us in this second podcast episode. If you like it you can suscribe to our podcast channels available in all the following platforms: Ivoox, Google Podcast, Spotify y Apple Podcast.



Thanks for listening. Cheers and music!




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