Accessory Pack - Odisei Music

Accessory Pack

The Accessory Pack includes the 3 new Travel Sax accessories at a reduced price! This pack includes: Odisei Music mouthpiece, Extensor neck and Mouthpiece neck.


*(for international orders, duties and taxes are not included)


Mouthpiece neck: It will give a different angle to your mouthpiece when playing, letting your shoulders rest in a more confortable position that will let you play more hours.

Odisei Music mouthpiece: It will give you much more control of the air flow when using the Travel Sax thanks to the two small holes in the mouthpiece where the air goes through. This will allow you to control the flow more easily using your tongue.

Extensor neck: The extensor neck will provide you more distance between the mouthpiece and your hands, making the playability more confortable.

Depending on the stock we may have at the moment, the delivery time can be about 4-5 business days after the purchase of your Travel Sax. You can contact us for more information.

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