Travel Sax 1 vs Travel Sax 2

Main differences between the first and the second version of the lightest and smallest electronic sax in the world.

What are their differences?

Now that the Travel Sax 2 is closer to being a reality, we want to show you all the differences and doubts you may have regarding the two versions.

The first and big difference is the new redesign of the keys, since they have been designed to obtain greater robustness when playing. By implementing a new stainless steel spring mechanism on the keys, you will now be able to play the Travel Sax 2 with fully realistic fingering to perform your pieces. These offer a feeling of pressure and key return very close to that of a conventional saxophone.

Next we have to understand another of the great novelties that distinguishes the new version from the old one, the synthesizer with speaker.

Unlike the first version, the Travel Sax 2 contains an internal synthesizer which makes it an independent instrument, that is, it does not depend on an external device to make it sound.

What does the synthesizer do?

The new synthesizer will allow you to play your Travel Sax 2 instantly as soon as you turn it on, with 0 latency! That is because we will not have to connect it to another device to make it sound.

At the same time, you will be able to play more than 50 different instruments that can be selected through a new app with a totally new design and experience!

The new app (only compatible for the Travel Sax 2) will allow you to select the sounds, configure parameters and effects among many other things.

The Travel Sax 1, on the other hand, has to be connected to a mobile/tablet or to a computer to use it as a MIDI controller. For this we developed the first Travel Sax app with which you can play our three saxophones and configure different parameters of the instrument itself.

Let’s see a clear comparison between the two instruments:

A powerful tool now available in the new app del Travel Sax 2, is the possibility of being able to configure your fingerings your way, thus being able to personalize each one of the notes in the way in which each one plays them.

Let’s go then to the differences in size and weight.Our goal is to design instruments that are as portable as possible so that you can take them wherever you go and without having to worry about size. The new version, even with many new features, hardly varies in size (23cm) compared to the 22cm of its predecessor. And in terms of weight, it weighs just 100 grams more, being a total of approximately 450 grams.

Both versions have a USB-C connection that allows a MIDI output connection, thus being able to connect it to a computer to use it as a MIDI controller, for example.

Another new feature of the Travel Sax 2 is the new integrated speaker that will allow you to play and hear what you play from the Travel Sax itself. Along with the Mini-Jack connection that you can play silently whenever and wherever you want!


It should also be noted that the Travel Sax 2 will now be available globally in almost all countries (with a few exceptions).

Finally with the new version, you will have the possibility to customize the color of both the keys and the body. Style your new Travel Sax 2 and stand out from the rest!


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