Travel Sax 1 vs Travel Sax 2

Main differences between the first and the second version of the lightest and smallest electronic sax in the world.

What are the main differences?

Now that the Travel Sax 2 is a reality, we want to show you all the differences and answer the doubts you may have regarding the two versions.

The first and most significant difference is the new design of the keys, since they intend to obtain greater robustness when playing. By implementing a new stainless steel spring mechanism on the keys you will now be able to play the Travel Sax 2 with fully realistic fingering to perform your pieces. This offers a feeling of pressure and key return very close to a conventional saxophone.




It’s also important to understand another of the great novelties that distinguishes the new version from the old one, the synthesizer with its built-in speaker.

Unlike the first version, the Travel Sax 2 contains an internal synthesizer which allows it to become an independent instrument not depending on an external device to create the sound like the old version did.

What does the synthesizer do?

The new synthesizer will allow you to play your Travel Sax 2 instantly as soon as you turn it on, with 0 latency! This allows the user to connect it to another device to make it sound.

At the same time, you will be able to play more than 50 different instruments that can be selected through a new app with a totally new design and experience!

The new app (only compatible with Travel Sax 2) will allow you to select the sounds, configure parameters, and effects among many other things.

If we had to compare it with the older version, the Travel Sax 1, couldn’t create any sound by itself and had always to be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or computer to create any sound. To offer the user the possibility to play along with the Travel Sax 1 while traveling we developed the Travel Sax 1 app in which you could play three different saxophones (Soprano, Alto and Tenor) sounds and configure different parameters of the instrument itself using your phone or tablet. The only problem was that every smartphone device created some latency and that created some frustration for advanced players that’s why we developed our own synthesizer board inside the Travel Sax 2.


Let’s see a clear comparison between the two instruments:



Another powerful tool available now in the new Travel Sax 2 app is the possibility to configure your customized fingerings, this way you can personalize each fingering position to your desired notes (very useful to the altissimo range).

Let’s talk about the differences in size and weight. Our goal is to design instruments that are as portable as possible so that you can take them wherever you go without worrying about size or weight. The new version, even with many new features, hardly varies in size (23cm) compared to the 22cm of its predecessor. In terms of weight, it has just 100 grams more, with a total of just 450 grams.

Both versions have a USB-C connection that allows a MIDI output connector, enabling the possibility to use any of the two versions as a MIDI controller.

Another new feature of the Travel Sax 2 is the built-in speaker that will allow you to hear yourself while playing without the need for a portable speaker. Along with this feature, the Travel Sax 2 has also a Mini-Jack input to play any backing track into the Travel Sax and play on top of it as well as a Mini-Jack output to plug in your headphones and play silently whenever and wherever you want!

And finally, you can also use the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone/tablet or PC to play your backing tracks wirelessly (without the need for the Mini-Jack input) through your Travel Sax 2 and play on top.

There is a video made by the CEO, Ramon Mañas, with the final fight between Travel Sax 1 and Travel Sax 2.


We also made the same video for our Spanish community.


The Travel Sax 2 is now available globally in almost every country (with a few exceptions).

Finally, with the new version, you will be able to choose the color of the keys. Style your new Travel Sax 2 and stand out from the crowd!

Click HERE to see the key colors available now. 



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